How Silence Stops A Man From Running

Ways to Run

There are many ways to run from yourself; away from something much too painful to stop and feel. We don’t know for sure what that is for Ruben, but we could guess. His mom was a Military nurse. He didn’t know his dad. They moved around a lot. It’s likely he never had a secure base of love or friendship.

A Tragic Loss

Ruben’s a serious drummer. He and singer-Lou are a heavy metal band of two. On tour in Missouri, while the crowd roars, Ruben’s hearing suddenly goes in and out. He tries everything to pop his ears. At a pharmacy, he can’t even hear what the pharmacist says.

Allowing Help

It’s not easy to allow help when you’ve turned to drugs, music, and love to silence all your troubling feelings. It’s especially not easy when Joe tells Ruben that implants aren’t the answer: “We’re looking for a solution to this (taps his head), not this (points to his ears).” Ruben must commit to the program, learn sign language, and Lou can’t stay.

Power of Silence

He tries to follow Joe’s instructions. But Ruben isn’t used to listening to himself, without judgment. The first day, he smashes his donut. And, he yells at himself: “Stupid … you fucking idiot.” He paces.



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Sandra Cohen

I am a psychoanalyst in private practice in Beverly Hills. I love my work. I also love to write, mostly about characters in film & their real human struggles.