Promising Young Woman

Where Trauma Driven Obsession Can Take You & It’s Not Healing

What Being Ignored (& Dehumanized) Can Do

Being ignored hurts. It’s also enraging. We see how it affects Cassie (Carrie Mulligan).

Losing the Only One Who “Gets You”

When you find someone who “gets you,” you don’t want to lose them. It’s that special connection that’s sometimes missing in childhood, one that Cassie had hungered for.

The “Ins & Outs” of Having an Obsession

Having an obsession means you can’t get a particular idea out of your mind. Sometimes it torments you. Or, worries you. It might enrage you or terrify you. Sometimes an obsessive idea pressures you to act on it. Then, it’s a compulsion too.

Love Could Help Cassie — Why Doesn’t It?

Cassie doesn’t trust anyone, especially now, especially not men. And, love is no simple thing, even when Ryan, her old Medical School classmate, comes along. He’s “nice” (it seems), funny, charming, a pediatric surgeon now, and he’s always really liked her.

Why Cassie Sacrifices Herself, at the End of Promising Young Woman

Betrayed by love again (first by her parent’s sad ineptness), she’s even more bent on the vendetta that will make Al Monroe pay for what he did. There’s no question in her mind, why should he get married, be a successful physician, have the happiness that he took away from her beloved Nina?



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Sandra Cohen

I am a psychoanalyst in private practice in Beverly Hills. I love my work. I also love to write, mostly about characters in film & their real human struggles.